What a wonderful day! 
I had heard of Thanksgiving when I lived in Germany, but I had no idea how wonderful it is to celebrate with people I’m grateful for until I moved here. When I lived in Germany, I used the time between Christmas and New Years Eve to think about what and who I was grateful for at the end of the year, and I wrote thank you cards to those people. Now,  having a special day not only to think about how grateful I am, but being able to celebrate it with these friends, family and clients who I consider family, is even better. 
I want to thank the following people in my life very much for all that they do and mean to me:  Susan, Sara, Lorraine, Sandy, Kathy, Will, Tina, John, Gail, Andy, Beverly, Falko, Carol, Al, Amy, Heather, Mollie, Mary Ellen, Carl, Doerte, Peter, Katharina, Terry, Lorri, Nancy, David, Meg, Gary, Bill, Elizabeth, Farid, Ed, Mark, Dru, Grant, Deb, Dennis, Ginger, Grant, Cris, Lindsey, Michael, Suzanne, Holly, Chuck, Jean, Jacqueline, Kevin, Karen, Lynne, Jessie, Anuska, Roland, Connie, Ronald, Sharon, Alex, Norma, Betty, Don, James, Michelle, Barbara, Cindy, Ron, Larry, Martin, Tammy and Munjid.
I am sure this list is not complete, but I am grateful that I met you and have you in my life.
I am so grateful for my nice clients to let me do what I love to do, for my great colleagues who help me to deliver the best service, for my friends who help me and make me laugh and for the many, many people I don´t even know their names but who lighten up my day, by serving in supermarkets and restaurants, delivering mail and produce products that make my life easier and enjoyable.
And I am thankful every day that I am living here in Paradise...
Happy Thanksgiving!